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Denver Garage Spring Repair

Do your garage door springs need repair or replacement? If they do, you can't find a better company to assist you with this, than Denver Garage Door Pro. Our highly trained springs experts are the best in the Denver, Colorado region and by the time we leave your location, your springs are in safe, working order once again, or have been completely replaced with new ones that will last your for many years to come.

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What are the most common signs of damaged garage door springs? See if any of these symptoms apply to your situation:

  • Your garage door hangs lopsided, or off-balanceDenver Garage Door Pro
  • Your car is stuck inside the garage and you can't open the garage door, even though you hear the opener motor trying to run
  • You hear loud snaps and bangs when you try and open the garage door
  • Your garage door starts to rise, only to suddenly fall back down
  • Your garage door is stuck in the open position and will not go down

Do any of these, sound familiar? If so, call Denver Garage Door Pro at your first opportunity and arrange for one of our springs technicians to come and inspect your garage door springs. We highly discourage attempting to fix, or replace your springs on your own. This is dangerous and highly specialized work that requires the correct tools, the proper training and years of experience in order to do a good job. Failure to adhere to warnings of this type has lead many people to be injured by snapped springs, property damage from falling garage doors, and last but certainly not least; voided warranties.

All of this can be avoided by simply using the professional and very affordable garage door springs services of Garage Door Pros of Denver. Our highly trained springs technicians save you time, money, and lots of risk by doing the work that they have been trained for, and have done countless times. So get the use of your garage door springs back quickly, and safely, by calling for help with the real experts in town – Denver Garage Door Pro.

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